What is

Moto is an integrated suite of hardware and software that was custom engineered from the ground up for Spydercam’s exclusive use. Move paths can be programmed in minutes and altered in moments all without compromising the safety of the cast and crew working around moving systems. The amazing flexibility of Moto makes the Spydercam system superior to any other rigging system.

Moto Features

  • Spydercam rigs are all controlled with Moto
  • Designed from the ground up, by film makers, to meet the needs of today's production industry. Moto engineers are on staff, and are usually on set.
  • The ability to add custom functions to match your work flow.
  • Repeat your moves with motion control accuracy. Most Spydercam systems allow for multiple pass work.
  • Instant speed changes, with out reprogramming. Real time live speed changes at any time.
  • Easily imports paths directly from Maya pre-viz.
  • Easily exports paths back to Maya, including real-time changes that may have been made on the day.... Such as adjustments in speed or position to follow an actor.
  • Simple and quick “on the day” programming, as easy as just describing your shot.
  • Very fast modifications to your shots!
  • Resets in seconds and is ready to make another pass.
  • Multiple trigger I/O for control of things like: bloop lights, practicals, pyro, Libra stabilized heads, and other motion systems.
  • Optional time code jam sync from your master clock which can export back to Maya, making your time in post more efficient.
  • Optional PTR, FIZ, TC data from Libra head.
  • Real time speed, position, and direction changes, allowing Spydercam to track and perform WITH actors, stunts, or other variables.
  • Real time record and play back of dynamically created move paths.
  • Adds levels of safety not found in other systems.
  • No more costly wasted programming time on set: get more done than you ever thought possible in one day of shooting.
  • Not just Cameras.  Moto can control any Spydercam system. Such as Stunts, Dollies, Props.

MOTO and Post

Moto is fully integrated with Maya, just build your moves, provide Sydercam with a Maya file, and see your shot in action on set. The director can easily make a change, or build a new move from scratch. Moto also exports Maya right back into your digital workflow. Libra head data, and time code can also be recorded into Moto and passed back to Maya. If you don't use Maya, we will work with you to come up with a solution that fits your post-production needs.

Changes? No Problem.

Moto has powerful path-manipulation tools built right in. You don’t have to spend time going between the visual effects dept and Spydercam when making modifications.

Can Spydercam do ___?

Do you have a truly unique idea for a shot or a move, so far out of the box you don’t think it can be done? No problem! If you have a crazy idea, run it past us, we can probably come up with a unique control solution to fit your unique ideas. Don’t take our word for it, ask anyone who has worked with Spydercam and one of the other systems, see who they think can get your shots quicker and safer.