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SPYDERCAM in action.


Some clips from our
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Why use Spydercam?

There are many suspended camera options available to productions today, but Spydercam is the most respected and highest quality solution available. Spydercam has custom designed the rigging system to be the safest, most modular, and most flexible system in the industry. With the addition of the award winning Moto control package, the Spydercam system transforms into a powerhouse, able to get shots you would never think possible. Unlike other control packages, Moto was designed from the ground up to compliment the Spydercam rigging system. This allows for flexibility and ease of use unheard of in other systems. The modular rigging combined with the Moto system makes it possible for Spydercam to set up, program and shoot faster.

Check out the the mini demos below.