motion control rates
Item   USD/Day
Zebra Dolly System: Academy Award Winning Sorenson Zebra Dolly is the perfect tool for live-action motion control. Axes include: Pan/Tilt/Roll, Track drive, Boom & Swing. The dolly arm can achieve a lens height of 9.2'
6 Axis Motion Control Stepper Package: Provides the capability of controlling up to 6 Motion controlled axes at any time; i.e. pan, tilt, focus, zoom, dolly & camera. Package includes 6 axis step & direction driver, computer and up to six stepper motor devices. $1600.00
Backpacker: 3-axis System: Super portable, provides the capability of controlling up to 3 motion controlled axes at any time; pan-tilt-roll, pan-tilt-focus (use with LokiMotion dolly and pan/tilt head for a complete system)
Package includes 3-axis step & direction driver, portable computer and up to 3 stepper motor devices, 120v or battery operated.
Motion Control Programmer / Operator $750.00 - 10 hr/day
Motion Control Technician / Grip $550.00 - 10 hr/day
Air Head: 3-axis Servo Remote Head: Quiet and Strong! Pan, tilt, roll, focus, zoom, iris. Package comes with the Dogfighter 3-axis input device. $900.00
35mm Camera Systems/stopmotion/timelapse Call
LokiMotion Computer system & accessories $350.00
3-Axis driver box / stepper $250.00
6-Axis driver box / stepper $350.00
Aux. power supply $60.00
LokiMotion Dolly: Light weight timing belt driven dolly. Great as a portable dolly, use with 2 or 3-axis head for up to 4-axes of motion. $400.00
The Wildcat: This is a small, fast, captured rail dolly. Sometimes referred to as an Elevator Rig, this system is used for long vertical moves as well as overhead tracking shots. $400.00
Sorensen 2-Axis (pan, tilt) $250.00
Sorensen 3-axis (pan, tilt, roll) $300.00
Air Head - Compact 3-axis Head $275.00
Pan/Tilt Motors for Arri Head $150.00
Pan/Tilt Motors for Mini Whoral $100.00
12' Motion Control track section: 24.5" or 32" gauge $100.00
Focus / zoom motors $100.00
High precision focus / zoom $150.00
Precision 8' rail $200.00
16" Diameter motorized turntable $90.00
Remote D.P. wheels (pan, tilt), monitor & stand $100.00
Dog Fighter pan, tilt, roll input device, monitor & stand $150.00
Discrete 8 channel digital output
(Capable of controlling up to 8 individual items; i.e. lighting, effects, pyro, etc.)
A Variety of Rotators, Tables, Linear and Model and linear Movers Available - Custom rigs upon request
Rentals are calculated on a 4-day week - longer rental periods are negotiable. Out of state rentals are 4-day minimum by virtue of travel time. All freight out/in is the responsibility of the renter; certificate of insurance is required.
The production is responsible for airfare, hotel, per diem costs and work permits when required for the Motion Control Operator.
It is advised that a minimum of 1 day be budgeted for system prep. FX West at this time does not charge for prepping a system, however this does not include the labor costs of the Motion Control Tech nor the Motion Control Operator. Prepping a motion control system is on par with prepping an Arri or Panavision Camera: it is very important. Please be aware of this when budgeting for a shot.