What is a Talon?

The Talon is a truly inspiring cinematic tool. It is a 3d rig that give you ultimate control over your shot path. The Talon opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

The Talon rig can move in a volumetric space, this means that once it is rigged, the camera can be and move anywhere in that space.

Why Use The Talon?

The Talon is at the cutting edge of suspended camera technology. With the realtime 3D translation already provided by the Moto system, what you see is what you get moving from previz to set. Also, like all the Spydercam rigs, the talon is repeatable, ideal for visual effects shots, stunt shots, and hard to operate shots.

The Talon can also be used as a general camera support replacement. Able to get dolly or crane style shots easily. This is a great way to get your shots if your set is complicated or fragile and you are unable to get the traditional tools in close to your subjects.

Pair up the Talon rig and the Moto control system and you have a visual effects powerhouse.  Moves go straight from Maya to the set. Talon plus Moto is more repeatable and accurate than any other suspended 3D system.